In the year 1990, Bio-line starts his activity producing

a full in-vitro allergen test (BLAST).  Years after years,

Bio-line was producing and exporting more and more

high quality diagnostic kits for CLINICAL LABORATORIES

based on RIA & ELISA techniques.     





horse's allergy        A couple of years ago, a new concept for Horse’s Allergy

        diseases detection and diagnostic has been presented to

        an academic institution. This has finally been transferred

        to them for a final clinical evaluation and to a commercial

        entity for the commercialization.                                   





From mid-2010, Bio-Line’s activities turns on the Belgian market with the distribution of a full Food and Feed product line and as well production then exportation of the clinical product line where definitely stopped end of December 2011.




LAITThe new line coversquite all the kind of dosages that an industrial laboratory would have to do:



                            Enzymatic tests,

Vitamin B12,


                              Food alduteration, EGG


                               Risk material,






...and much more you can find here in our catalogue.



These tests are performed:


    •       with high sensitive rapid tests,
    •       with the Elisa technique
    •      with PCR ready to use kits.


ALMOND                     PCR